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KDW Double Containment Piping System

Double Containment Piping System is a safety arrangement of

Harmful liquid transportation through an inner pipe which is being protected by

an outer Pipe.


Advantages of the KDW Double Containment Piping System

The inner Piping is used to transport chemicals or harmful waste liquid.

The outer piping is used as an extra protection in case of any

leakage happened at the inner piping. This extra protection prevents

harmful liquid content from leaking outside the piping network and causing damage

to the environment.


The New Double Containment Piping System

The system consists of factory Pre-fabricated Patent Pending Fittings and piping modules.

This new piping system is low-cost to install, check, maintain, and repair, in case any part of the piping system leaks.

The New Patent Pending Fittings reduce the pipe-in-pipe network installation time and costs. It enables easy leakage checking at pipe joints and pipe sections. Users can identify the leaking section in the piping network easily.      


Double Containment Piping System Material

UPVC materials are used.

Grey Pipe modules. Clear or Grey fittings are available.


Double Containment Fittings and Pipe Modules

The double containment pipe module complies with factory pre-fabricated pipe in pipe sections. These pipe-in-pipe sections can be easily installed at site using KDW Double Containment Fittings to constitute a double-protected piping network for safe chemicals and harmful liquid transportation. The installation time and cost of the new double containment piping network at the sites are much reduced compared with those of the traditional piping network set-up sites. 


Pressure Rating

The pressure rating for New KDW Double Containment Fittings is PN 16.

The Pressure Rating for Double Containment Pipe Modules is available at PN 10 and at PN 16



All KDW Double Containment Piping System’s Pipe Modules

and KDW Double Containment Fittings are manufactured under strict quality control

before delivery from the KDW factory to the KDW Hong Kong warehouse.


Low cost and High Performance easy Setup of Leakage checkpoints in the Piping Network

KDW Double Containment Piping System with Remote Leakage Monitor is low cost and easy to install at site.

It enables users to set up Piping Network easily with automatic monitor leakage checkpoints at pipe-in-pipe sections Network effectively and efficiently.


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